Asja Valcic
As a musician, who grew up in chamber music,
Asja Valcic imbues her jazz with powerful and unusual vitality.


1967 - born in Zagreb/Croatia

1972 – beginning of cello and music theory studies

At age of ten 1st price at youth competition, debut as a soloist with orchestra, radio and TV recordings

1985 - Master at Music Academy of Zagreb, Prof. V.Dešpalj

1986-1988 studies at Tschaikovsky Conservatory Moscow with Prof. Natalja Shahovskaja

1989 LP recording for Jugoton with sonatas of D.Shostakovich & A. Schnittke

1989-1993bachelor and master at Musikhochschule Detmold, Prof. Karine Georgian

1995 winner of "Concours international de jeunes concertistes de Douai in France"

Concerts as a classical soloist with Zubin Mehta and Kazushi Ono, chamber music with members of Alban Berg, Brodsky and Melos Quartett among others.

1999-2000 solo cellist of LSO Maastricht/Netherland

Since 2000 living in Vienna/Austria
The fullness of Valcic's playing sometimes sounds like a complete string quartet
and then again very typically jazz tones emerge when she plucks her cello like a percussion instrument

Since 2020

Trio Paier Valcic Preinfalk

Klaus Paier (accordion, bandoneon)
Asja Valcic (cello)
Gerald Preinfalk (soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet)

New CD coming up 2021
Since 2009

Duo Paier Valcic

Klaus Paier (accordion, bandoneon)
Asja Valcic (cello)

4 CD's on ACT :

À Deux (2009)
Silk Road (2013)
Timeless Suite (2015)
Vision For Two - 10 Years (2019)

Over 250 concerts in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Vietnam

since 2017

Paier Valcic Quartet

Klaus Paier (accordion, bandoneon)
Asja Valcic (cello)
Stefan Gfrerrer (bass)
Roman Werni (percussion)

CD on ACT:

Cinema Scenes (2018)

Sie ist eine mit allen, auch teuflischen
Spielwassern gewaschene Instrumentalistin

MIKADO - Hessischer Rundfunk

since 2019

Rick Iannacone with Fullsome X

Rick Iannacone(Guitar)
Wolfgang Puschnig (alto sax, flute)
Asja Valcic (cello)
Jon Sass (Tuba)
Reinhardt Winkler (schlagzeug)

CD on Skylarc:

Confidence of Uncertainty (2020)

since 2019

Skatchbook Orchestra

Leonhard Skorupa(composition, sax)
Gerd Germann Ortler (conductor)
Joanna Lewis (violin), Anne Harvey-Nagl (violin)
Lena Fankhauser (viola), Asja Valcic (cello)
Wolfgang Puschnig (alto sax, flute)
Daniel Moser (Bass clarinet) , Daniel Nösig (trumpet)
Martin Grünzweig (trombone, bass trombone)
Michael Tiefenbacher (piano), Andy Tausch (guitar)
Raphael Preuschl (bass ukulele)
Konstantin Kräutler (drums)

CD on ORF:

Ungatz (2020)



Bernie Mallinger (violin)
Johannes Dickbauer & Igmar Jenner (violin)
Cynthia Liao (viola)
Asja Valcic (cello)

5 CD's on ACT :

Celebrating the Mahavishnu Orchestra (2007)
Radiotree (2008)
Calling You (2010)
Radiodream (2011)
Posting Joe (2013)


Iiro Rantala String Trio

Iiro Rantala (piano)
Adam Baldych (violin)
Asja Valcic (cello)

CD on ACT:

Anyone With A Heart (2014)
Since 2015

Dickbauer Collective:

Johannes Dickbauer - violin
Asja Valcic - cello
Mario Rom - trumpet
Klaus Dickbauer - alto sax
Stefan Dickbauer - tenor sax
Christian Wendt - bass
Mathias Rupnigg - drums
Patrice Heral - percussion


The Very Last Universe (2017)
Valcic's cello emits everything that fingers and bows
can entice from strings: everything from stunning bass pizzicati to whispering flageolets

Badische Zeitung


Joachim Kühn (piano)
Asja Valcic (cello)
Prabhu Edouard (Tabla)

Concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Slowenia

Since 2016

„Tribute to Jan Johansson"

Jan Lundgren (piano)
Mattias Svensson (bass)

& Stringquartet

Since 2017

Rolf Kühn Trio

Rolf Kühn (clarinet)
Asja Valcic (cello)
Amoy Ribas (percussion)

CD on MPS:

Spotlights (2017)
2013 - 2018

summer workshop for cello improvisation @Musikforum Viktring/Klagenfurt/Austria